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Product Details

What kind of leisure chair is this?

Designed with a user-friendly ergonomic design, it provides a comfortable seating experience that makes you feel incredibly relaxed.


Leisure Chair Dimensions: 32.7"*33.5"*19.7"

Footrest Dimensions: 16.5"*24.8"*21"

The product is upholstered furniture and measured by hand, so there may be a 1"-2" margin of error. We appreciate your understanding!

1.Selected Imported Nappa Leather:

Soft and delicate natural leather provides long-lasting flexibility with a thick 1.5mm natural leather texture. It is environmentally friendly, durable, and highly breathable.

2. Natural Walnut-Colored Chair Shell: 

Each piece is carefully selected to retain the natural wood grain, and the walnut finish highlights the wood's charm. The solid wood bent board is elegant and beautiful, allowing you to experience the essence of nature in your home.

3.105° Backrest Recline: 

Scientifically designed to support the spine, the ergonomic proportions reduce intervertebral pressure, making the reclining angle more relaxed and comfortable.

4.Aluminum Alloy Back Support:

Provides stable support with wide, comfortable armrests. The curvature closely fits the body's contours, and the slight inward angle enhances the seating experience for greater comfort.

5.Handcrafted Tufted Stitching: 

The soft upholstery features classic tufting, creating a textured, dimensional look that enhances the space's depth. It provides a comfortable, massaging effect when leaned against, alleviating fatigue.

6.High-Density Foam Padding:

Experience cloud-like comfort with padding made from high-density foam that exceeds industry standards at 37kg/m³.

7.360° Swivel Aluminum Alloy Base: 

Crafted from carefully selected aluminum alloy, the assembly is tested multiple times to ensure it doesn't deform or collapse under pressure. The 360° swivel feature allows you to enjoy a versatile seating experience from different angles, providing ultimate comfort.

Each piece of furniture is a work of art. Only by carefully selecting each material and strictly controlling every production process can we deliver this sincere product to you!